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Kreshnik Jonuzi



Kreshnik Jonuzi is a filmmaker and is an Associate Producer at NFL Films in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Working on projects and shows such as, Finding Giants, RGIII: The Will to Win, A Football Life, NFL Blitz, NFL Playbook, Game Day First, Game Previews that air on NFL Network & NFL broadcast partners.






Ardiana Maloku

Director of Public Relations 


Ardiana Maloku currently works as a shared resource for a Supreme Court Justice and the Orders Department at the Bronx Supreme Court.  Ardiana graduated from Fordham University in 2013 with a degree in International Political Economy and a degree in Political Science. Throughout her academic career she interned and volunteered her time at a number of locations. Two of her earliest experiences include: (1) teaching children with emotional and physical disabilities how to read and write, and (2) working as a peer educator at the Museum of the City of New York. As a sophomore at Fordham University, Ardiana lobbied with trial lawyers in Albany. During the remainder of her undergraduate experience, she interned at the United Nations for the World Health Organization and on a number of political campaigns in the New York area, including Scott Stringer's campaign for City Comptroller. 


Ardiana has a deep-seated passion for humanitarian affairs and aspires to become a lawyer in the very near future. Ardiana knows that with Shokë Klase Përgjithmonë (Classmates Forever) she will help foster the academic lives of impoverished Balkan students from the perspective of a first-generation ethnic Albanian. 

Drita Nikaç

Assistant Director of Marketing

Drita Nikaç is currently a student at Iona College who studies Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.  Her connection with Classmates Forever began when the club that she started at her school, Albanian American Society, had a bake sale to raise funds for the underprivileged students in ethnic Albania with Classmates Forever.  Since then she has been a part of the organization, helping with social media outreach to the Albanian community.

Drita hopes to help bring students in ethnic Albania an opportunity to have an education similar to that of the children in America.  With the dedication of the team and the community, Classmates Forever can make a difference and bring light to the future of the Albanian children.  

Besjana Hoxha

Director of Development & Communications

Besjana Hoxha attended Palisade Preparatory High School located in Yonkers, N.Y. Throughout her high school career, Besjana Hoxha was very hands on with providing aid to those in need. Ms. Hoxha was president of her high school student government, where she promoted and followed through with multiple community programs. In addition, by senior year Besjana’s love for sports lead her to become certified New York State coach.


Besjana Hoxha currently attends New York University, majoring in Mathematical Education. Recently, she has taken a internship in New York City, helping a company, which provide alternative ways for college student to expand their education.

Besjana Hoxha wants to continue her passion of helping underprivileged students. Therefore, she has taken the opportunity to be apart of Classmates forever. She looks forward to a brighter future for all students and hopes that Classmates Forever mission will met along the way.

Vera Belliu


Vera Belliu is currently a student of Iona College studying Media Broadcasting and Business Marketing. Since the age of 8 she has been working alongside her father bringing Albanian culture and tradition into the homes of those who immigrated to America. For the past 13 years Vera has worked as a camera operator, video editor, moderator, and graphic designer for Albanian Culture TV.

Vera has a deep passion for helping underprivileged students in ethnic Albania and hopes that Classmates Forever will continue to grow to help more and more students.

Luftar Rama



Luftar Von Rama is a filmmaker focused on narrative features and documentaries. He is a Producer at Frame Level Films, producing projects in various stages of development. Recent completed projects are feature films A Place in Hell (2015) and Days of Power (2015).

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