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Zamane Bodini


An avid promoter of academic excellence and economic development in Albania, Zamane Bodini co-founded Shokë Klase Përgjithmonë (Classmates Forever) with her Fordham classmate Lendita Hoxha. Zamane graduated from Fordham University magna cum laude in 2014 with a degree in Finance and a specialization in Value Investing. Currently, she is an Equity Research Analyst at Gabelli & Company.


During her studies at Fordham, Zamane worked with several non-profits and took elective courses in social work in efforts to advocate for the rights of underserved populations. Through the RETC-Center for Professional Development program, she helped high school teens in the Bronx earn the necessary credits needed to obtain their high school diplomas. Zamane also interned at Financial Services Volunteer Corporation, a non-for-profit organization that worked in collaboration with the Bank of Albania to build a sound financial system in Albania and strengthen its financial sector.


Through the development of Classmates Forever, Zamane sought to create an additional positive force of change, empowering the Balkan youth, particularly those most disadvantaged, and advocating for their right to have access to the tools they need to build their academic future.   

Lendita Hoxha


After graduating from Fordham University with a degree in Economics and a minor degree in Mathematics, Lendita Hoxha presently serves as an Accountant and Auditor at Group PMX. One of her earliest experiences of working with children who were at risk of poverty came with her internship at the Department of Instructional Support at Yonkers Public Schools, where she assisted in the development of a school summer program. As an undergraduate, Lendita also performed research on the war experiences of immigrant Albanian-Kosovar women. She later followed her passion to Prishtin, Kosovo where she interned for the local school district and worked with students who lived at extreme poverty levels. 


With her knowledge of the Kosovo government and school systems, as well as nonprofit accounting, Lendita hopes that with Shokë Klase Përgjithmonë (Classmates Forever) she will continue broadening young minds and expanding opportunities for underprivileged students. 



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